Welcome to the Library Resource Centre


A new state of the art, spacious library facility was opened in 2010 in the former school hall building.  The new library holds approximately 20,000 items including a variety of books, media, artifacts and ICT resources.  The library is fully automated and staff and students are able to use on-line computer catalogues to locate resources.  Students have regular access to the library both for personal reading and research.  Students are encouraged to develop regular and responsible borrowing habits.  Each class has an allocated class time during which students may borrow and return their library books.  All students, especially juniors, are encouraged to use a library bag, which may be purchased from the school uniform shop.  The library is also open at lunchtimes from 1.25 pm to 1.45pm.  Senior students are invited to become library monitors to assist at lunchtimes.  Parents and carers also provide valuable assistance with a variety of tasks, some of which can be done at home.


Student loans

  • Kindergarten - Year 2 may borrow 2 items, either Fiction or Non-Fiction

  • Year 3 - 4 may borrow 3 items, either Fiction or Non-Fiction

  • Year 5 - 6 may borrow 4 items, either Fiction or Non-Fiction