The Arts

Arts – dance, drama, music and visual art are integral to the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP).  They are a powerful mode of communication through which students explore and construct a sense of self and develop an understanding of the world around them.  Our schools program of inquiry provides a relevant and authentic context for students to create and respond to the arts.  Wherever possible, arts are taught through the units of inquiry and should support students' inquiries.  We use the PYP Arts Scope and Sequence document to provide information about the learning that is going on in the subject area of the arts.

Creating dance involves inquiring into the rhythm of music, the natural rhythm of our bodies and the environment around us.  At Red Hill School, students have opportunities to discover their own motivations and influences to inspire their movements.

Teaching and learning experiences for drama explore how we express ourselves physically and vocally.  In creating, students explore the use of facial expression, gestures, movement, posture and vocal techniques to convey emotional and cultural meaning to both characters and stories.  Students at Red Hill School are exposed to a variety of dramatic forms including creative movement, impersonation, improvisation, mask work, mime, musical, role play, pantomime, puppetry, enactment, scripted drama and skit.

Music is both an active and reflective process when making and listening to it.  We teach students to draw on a range of sources in their music learning: music composed by themselves and other students; music composed by musicians; literature; painting; dance, their own imagination; real-life experiences; feelings; values and beliefs.  Students at Red Hill School are exposed to performances as well as recordings.  They also have the opportunity to participate in live performances – informal as well as formal, allowing them to work collaboratively and gain an awareness of audience.  Students are given many opportunities to create and respond to visual art.  Throughout their education at Red Hill School, students are exposed to a broad range of experiences that illustrate the field of visual arts, including architecture, book making, ceramics, collage, costume design, drawing, graphic design, film, illustration, jewellery, land art, mask making, painting, performance art, photography, print making, set design, textiles and woodwork.  Through many numerous guest speaker appearances and visiting art galleries, museums, exhibitions and theatres, students will appreciate the depth and breadth of the field by experiencing visual arts created by diverse artists – locally and globally, now and in the past, by women and men and by people from different backgrounds.

Additional  Opportunities

West African Percussion

Currently all students from years 4-6 have the opportunity to learn traditional West African rhythms on djembe and dundun drums from specialist teacher Dan Graetz.  As well as learning the percussion, students learn the cultural significance of the music.

The program is very popular with students and engagement in the lessons is very high.

Wassa Wassa 

Wassa Wassa is a special West African percussion performance ensemble from Red Hill School taught by specialist teacher Dan Graetz.  To be a part of Wassa Wassa, students are chosen from an audition in year 5 and then commit to being part of the ensemble for two years.  Wassa Wassa performs traditional West African rhythms on djembe and dunduns drums and includes singing and dancing.  The ensemble performs at a very high standard independently of their teacher. Wassa Wassa performs performs at school and out of school events.  The ensemble has been recognised for their excellence by being featured on WIN News and YouTube and being invited to perform at many important events such as the National Multicultural Festival, Africa Day celebrations, Ghana-Australia Association events, The Royal Canberra Show, Step into the Limelight and Australia's got Talent.

West African Dance

All students have the opportunity to learn West African dance through RHIPP and a weekly session on Tuesday lunchtimes.  The dances are traditional and very energetic and are a popular part of Red Hill School culture.

IMPACT - Instrumental  Music Program ACT  -  Band Program

The school band programs are run by IMPACT.  There is a year 5 band and a year 6 band.  A specialist teacher comes out to the school to run 2 x 45 minute lessons per week with each band.

Students in year 5 have the opportunity to try out for the band at the start of the year.  Our school is currently a woodwind band and each term the students have the opportunity for a rehearsal with bands from other schools.  The bands combine to make a full concert band as at least one of the other schools will be a brass band.

The bands have the opportunity to perform at school assemblies, at music evenings and at other community events such as Floriade.  The main event for band students is the annual Bandstrav concert.  Bandstrav is the end of program performance for all ACT students who participate in one of the programs offered by IMPACT.  The students join with many schools from across then ACT to make a large concert band.  The event is usually held at Llewelyn Hall.