Parents and Citizen’s Association

About the P&C 

The Red Hill P&C is active, and encourages and supports all P&C volunteers, and supports the school for the benefit of all students.

Did you know? 

  • Every Red Hill student parent/carer is automatically a member of the P&C
  • The P&C is a forum for discussing school policy issues and is not confined to fundraising
  • Useful suggestions and new ideas are considered on their merit, regardless of their origin

P&C Committee office holders 

You can contact us on

  • Lisa Cetrtek (President)
  • Lara Jurkiewicz (Vice President)
  • Veronica Ellsmore (Secretary)
  • Kelli Jones (Treasurer)
  • Brent Fuller (Public Officer)

Benefits of being involved

  • meeting other parents in the community which leads to a feeling of belonging and enhanced wellbeing
  • understanding more about what happens at school so that you can assist your child more effectively
  • having a chance to voice your opinion about school matters
  • acquiring new skills (for example, business, management and financial skills, experience running meetings, event planning)
  • demonstrating a positive attitude to schooling to your child which has a great influence on their attitude and achievement

P&C Meetings 

P&C meetings are held on Mondays in week 4 and week 9, each term.

Meetings start at 6.30pm in the school staffroom (enter via the breezeway).

Everyone is welcome to attend.


P&C Executive office bearers will be voted on at the AGM on 23 March 2020.

Upcoming P&C Events 2020

  • Welcome BBQ Friday 21 February 6-8pm
  • 60th Anniversary Raffle - drawn Friday 3 April 9pm
  • 60th Anniversary Soiree (adults only) Friday 3 April 7pm - 11pm
  • 60th Anniversary Heritage Community Open Day Sunday 3 May 10am- 3pm

Keep in touch with the school community via the closed Red Hill School Community Facebook page.