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Languages Other Than English

French & Mother Tongue

Red Hill School values the need to prepare students for the world in which they live and work, and as such offers students an exciting face to face learning experience in the French language.

The French language programme emphasis is on oral communication and cultural understandings through experiences which suit the age, social maturity, interests and language background of the children. Students will gradually learn to interact in a simple, natural way with their teacher, their classmates and other members of the community. At the same time, they can gain an insight into how societies beyond their own are similar and different, by making connections, where appropriate, to their Units of Inquriy. Through this practical approach to language, students can enrich personal growth and develop skills that benefit the Australian community and facilitate internationalism.

Students who speak English as an additional language or dialect are a valued asset to our school, supported and encouraged to maintain their languages through the assistance of parents and the community, in class and in whole school events and activities.


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